1st Birthday Ideas for kids

1st Birthday Ideas for kids

How to celebrate your baby's 1st Birthday would be a topic of thought and discussion for quite a long time in the family. The realisation that it is the time for celebration for the entire family and not only your child would bring a silly smile on your face. Though the baby would not be remembering anything, the pictures of the 1st birthday party are nothing short of a treasure to rejoice when grown up. So, lots of efforts are made to make it as beautiful and grand as possible. The mother, who would have been spending most of her last 2 years in pregnancy and in taking care of the baby can be celebrated on this special occasion. A nice outfit matching that of the baby's would give her the feel of a queen handling her little prince/ princess.

Choosing the right theme is important to keep your baby awestruck on the day of the celebration as most babies tend to be cranky seeing the guests for the first time. So, choose a theme that would entertain the baby as much. Themes could be gender based like Princess, Dora or be aligned to the interest of the baby like Animals, Music etc.

The décor in line with the theme should be done with care to include few unbreakable balloons for the baby to play with. The entire family would look to click pictures with the baby. The backdrop, welcome board, photo booth, photo props all could be perfect places for these pictures which are going to hold the beautiful memories for the child once it grows up. So, get all or most of the décor personalised with the name of the baby.

Plan the party time aligned to your baby’s nap time as the baby tends to cry when sleepiness sets in. You can use inflatable toys and décor to have your child’s attention to the bright colours.

You can have a line of your kid’s photos since birth or make a collage of all the pictures for the backdrop.

While we do focus on the décor, guests list and food, everything from the invitations to the return gifts need to be taken care of so as to hold a special place in the memories of the guests and the family. Taking care of all the arrangements by the parents of the baby might be tiring and exhausting given the efforts, it is always better to partner with an event management company, have few events and activities conducted for the kids among the guests.

Have a safe play area for the little ones including the birthday baby with lots of soft floor mats and toys. While arranging the food, give orders having in mind the little guests. 

The 1st birthday party would be the best one to invite all your near and dear ones to meet and bless your little one while having a get together for all of them.