Online Kids Birthday Party

Online Kids Birthday Party

With families around the country being affected by shelter-in-place orders, parents are understanding that the party must go on—even if it looks a bit different this year. It's true that throwing an online kids birthday party isn't as simple as having a happy hour with pals, but when it comes to kids, nothing is ever simple. It takes a little additional work, but with realistic expectations and a positive mindset (as well as adorable birthday party invitations), you can make their big day even more special (and shake up your own quarantine routine).

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The internet has made it possible to implement an increasing number of online birthday celebration ideas. An online kids birthday party may be a great way to honor your little one if you live far away from friends and family and you and your birthday party guests are comfortable utilizing FaceTime, Google Hangouts, or Zoom.

Pro tip: For a younger child, inviting too many kids to a video chat can be overstimulating. You can set up the call such that everyone enters the meeting muted to avoid everyone chatting over one other. Then, one by one, ask family members to speak, and unmute them when it's their turn. When it's time to sing Happy Birthday, you can, of course, unmute everyone.

Encourage your birthday child or young party visitors to switch off their video if it is too much for them (or place a post-it note in front of their camera). This will help them become accustomed to watching people on Zoom until they are ready to view themselves. With these unique online kids birthday party ideas to celebrate your child both electronically and from a safe distance, there's no need to cancel this year's party.

For your young one's virtual birthday celebration, send everyone an easy cupcake recipe. Alternatively, invite friends and family to bring a cupcake and a candle to a sing-along. You can also download a celebration topper design for the birthday girl or boy from PartysuppliesIndia website, or send it to all attendees so that every screen is festive.

Prepare a Zoom activity ahead of time

Include a link to digital color sheets (like these rainbow coloring pages) with your invitation so that all of the kids may color together. To keep kids involved, inquire whether a local music or dance teacher (or even a magician!) would be prepared to offer a virtual class. Alternatively, popular online kids birthday party venues such as Camp, Kidville, and Sky Zone are expanding their online offerings, which can provide some structure and perhaps even a few minutes of parental relaxation.

A simple theme for a virtual birthday party

For an online kids birthday party, we recommend a visual theme. Something ridiculous, such as wacky hats, superheroes, or children dressed as parents and adults dressed as children. Alternatively, keep it simple by asking participants to create backdrops that correspond to a given subject. (A minimum resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels is recommended by Zoom.) Want to match your Paperless Post invite to your free Zoom background? PartysuppliesIndia Personal Design Services team can assist you in preparing one that is perfect for you! Please get in touch with us.