Wall decoration ideas for birthday party at home

Wall decoration ideas for birthday party at home

During the Pandemic times, having a birthday party at home would be the best time to do. With all the supplies delivered at your door step from the orders that you placed online and those that you picked up from the neighbourhood store, you would be left wondering where to start the decoration from. The answer would be “WALLS…”

When it comes to party decorations, the importance of walls is significant. A large windowless wall can be the perfect blank space for doing decorations of your choice and creativity. Good wall decorations can brighten up a normal, boring space into one perfect for the indoor party.

Let’s list down few simple and creative ideas for decorating a good blank wall.

Random Decor

Party walls aren’t always all about balloons and paper ribbons. When done with lots of creativity and neatly, even decorations with paper plates and ribbons look as amazing as well.

You can decorate your walls with clusters of different or similar things. It can be a collection of paper flowers, paper quilling, craft items, even buttons and beads.


Tassels in the form of tassel garlands or metallic tassel curtains can give eccentric look to your wall. If you have a collection of tassel earrings, even they are pretty cool to hang up on the walls.

While hosting a grownup girl’s birthday party, you can even purchase some new tassel earrings. Tie a ribbon to the party wall and clip these earrings over there. As the girls leave after party, you can tell them to unclip and take away a pair of earrings with them as a return gift from your party.

Giant Paper Flowers

Decorate your party walls with some gorgeous colourful paper flowers. You can buy them from the market or you can create these easily at home too. Ideally, the best flowers can be made at home with crepe paper in the colours you want to coordinate with the rest of your décor.

Patterned Tapes

Patterned masking tapes can be used to decorate the entire wall or a part of the wall in multi-coloured masking tapes. Consider the designs such as lines, polka dots, zigzag and block prints. 

Collage & Photographs

Memories are always great. You can get a giant collage made from old photographs. Or, you can simply create garlands out of these photographs and hang them with strings of rice lights or fairy lights. The wall will be the highlight of your party. 

Cupcake Garlands

Cut out cupcakes using coloured paper. Form garlands or wall hangings. This is not only simple to do but also, very much appropriate for a birthday party.