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Alphabet I Premium Gold Foil Balloons

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18 inch - 1 Piece Foil letter balloons of baby's name or phrase for birthday party of celebrations.

Key Features

1. Large and attractive
2. Can be inflated with Helium or air
3. Easy to inflate and deflate
4. The balloons can be reused and self sealed.
5. Made of durable foil material
6. Perfect for any occasion

Inflation instructions:

Insert the air blowpipe straw into the valve and squeeze the out of the balloons lightly, fold them up and store them away from direct sunlight. Easy to assemble at home and set up. The self sealing balloons will arrive un-inflated. Simply insert a straw into the plastic valve at the bottom of the letter and slowly blow to inflate. Hang balloons on wall. To put up balloons, use tape or string to attach the balloons to the wall or hang from the ceiling