Best Customized Birthday Party Favors

Best Customized Birthday Party Favors

Personalized party favors make any celebration more memorable.  Kids love it and expect it. It is a great way to thank your guests for coming and being a part of the celebrations. The only difficulty is that this can become a rather tedious and expensive task. But no worries! There are a lot of budget-friendly ways to include party favors into your child’s birthday bash. 

Whether you’re planning a small gathering with your close friends and family or throwing a big birthday party, you’ll find unique party favors and return gifts to make your event a talk-about. Whether it’s a kid’s birthday or a milestone birthday, you can find custom items to make your party more memorable for everyone. 

There are some incredible ideas for great party favors when you think outside the box or buy in bulk. Favors that are part of the celebrations and party activities can be nice and memorable. Surprisingly, lots of favors can be made in sync with a variety of party themes and can be purchased without sulking about the money to be spent on it. We've put together few best party favors for kids that won't end up in the trash and will be of use.

Flashlights for the little ones

Flashlights are the most useful of party favors. They’re great for movie nights, glow in the dark dance parties, camping-themed parties, and any party that is planned after the sun goes down. 

Personalised water bottles

Every child needs it and some often misplaces it too. The water bottles can be personalized with each guest’s name to make the guests feel special.

Decks of Cards

Get older kids off of their devices and into some old school card games. In addition, find different card games and print the instructions, provide them with the pack.

Brain Puzzle Books

There are puzzle books designed for specific age groups. These work for every any age group of guests. Also, they keep kids occupied in a good way, long after the party ends.

Personalised caps

Personalized caps and hats work for a variety of ages and are especially useful for outdoor parties during a sunny day.

Succulent Plants

Kids love growing plants. Seed packets are traditional, but flowers are hard to grow from seeds. Succulents are easy to maintain. Just make sure the child doesn’t overwater. 

DIY Take Home Craft

Let the kids take home what they make! For example, let the kids decorate their own crowns and take those home as party favors. They’ll even get to show off what they made to their parents.

A Book

Books help enhance the children’s vocabulary while letting them experience new adventures! 

Gift Cards or Vouchers

You can get gift cards or vouchers from a specific vendor or online shopping platform so that your guests get to buy what they wish for.

If you are ready to put in more effort and interest into preparing the favors, try any of the below.

At a Thomas the Train party, the goodie can be a wooden train they paint in the activity time. At a Jungle theme you can make safari belts with pockets that contain magnifying glasses, compasses, and some plastic pretend camping things. For a Space party, put in a bit more effort and create rocket jet packs out of tubes. Inside you can put glow sticks and glow stars for the bedroom walls. Or let the kids decorate their own crowns and take those home as party favors.