Innovative and Creative Idea with Balloon

Innovative and Creative Idea with Balloon

Balloons make a great way to create fun and to put up an exciting décor and activities provided they are used in the right way. In addition to using balloons, adding unique ideas can make your decoration innovative and creative too. 

  • Balloons filled with confetti

  • Confetti filled balloons are quite easy to make and look great when popped over-head as a surprise. Take some paper confetti or the glittering ones, small ones would be easier to insert into the balloons before inflating them. Now inflate the balloons and tie a ribbon. If the balloons are filled with helium, it would make the decoration grand. 

  • Glow balloons

  • Balloons are impressive on their own. You can go a step further and add stunning LED lighting. By night they are lit by the glow of the LEDs.

  • Frozen Water Balloon
  • Frozen balloons are out to their best use in the summer season. Put the frozen balloons of various colours into a tub along with the chilly drinks to maintain the temperature of the drinks.

  • Balloon Garland
  • A multi-coloured balloon garland in front of the celebration venue featuring myriad of colours and styles like polka dotted, marble effect pattern will turn it into something like Wonderland and create a stunning impact.

  • Gift Basket with Helium Balloons

  •                Arrange the gifts in a cute little basket. Tie as many balloons filled with helium as to hold the basket and float. Arrange the gifts in different tiny baskets so as to let them float around the room and surprise your friend or partner.                                                                                                                               

  • Balloon Sculpture
  • Balloon sculptures are guaranteed to liven up the venue. You can design them to match your theme. Either do it yourself or hire a professional balloon artist to do it with twisting balloons and latex balloons.

  • Balloon Arch

  • A Balloon Arch will be the décor element to take your celebration over the top. A DIY Balloon Arch can become a trendy party decoration without having to empty your pockets.  Arches are a simple and fabulous way to set the scene, bringing attention and colour to an event. When used outdoors they indicate where an event is happening! For theme events and parties, they are often used as backdrops and photo booths.

  • Balloon Pillars

  • Building columns using balloons are classy. Pillars or Columns are such a great way to bring attention to a place. When used outdoors, they work fabulously well for sporting events, the opening of new stores etc. Indoors, they are often used for entrance decor, welcoming and greeting guests as they arrive at their function. 

  • Balloon Bouquets

  • Bouquets with different types of balloons like shiny metallic latex ones, mylar or foil balloons of different shapes, latex balloons of different sizes, transparent ones with confetti, the ones with the wish or message would be the perfect colourful gifting option for loved ones and kids too.

  • Gift Inside Balloon

  • You can put a few coloured snowflakes, a small gift like ring, pendant or money inside the balloon and then inflate. Alternatively, you can use smaller balloons inside a very large balloon, so that the recipient will have to pop up all the balloons to collect all the gifts intended.